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Computer and Web-based  Testing

We provide both computer-based (CBT) and web-based (WBT) testing services through our clients. Test takers can avail these services by registering through the client websites. We aim to provide a safe, quiet and comfortable testing experience.

Training Classes 

We are looking to partner with individuals and institutions to offer a variety of training and tutoring classes. Please contact for more details. Below are some of the courses we are currently offering.

- MS Office for Beginners (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)

- MS Project for Beginners

- Middle and High-school Mathematics

- Middle and High-school Science (Physics and Chemistry)

Employment Services

We offer employers consulting and development of pre-employment assessment tests and orientation materials for new hires, saving them time and money through streamlining their hiring process. Please contact to set up an appointment to discuss your specific business needs.

Paper-based Exams

We are looking to partner with local universities and colleges, as well as other sponsors to provide paper-based exams at our facility. Please check back soon.

Pre-pay for Your Proctored Appointments

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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