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Points to Remember

1. Please make sure to leave large personal items, backpacks, in your vehicles. The testing site has limited space for such storage. Further, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen items.

2. Lockers are available on a first-come first-served basis for free, to keep small personal items for the duration of the exams. Examinees are provided combination lock codes to safe-keep their belongings until they leave the test center at the conclusion of their exams.

3. Examinees are required to check-in each time they need to re-enter the test room during the duration of the exam. The check-in criteria may be different for different exams and depends on the stipulated testing rules by the sponsor or testing agency.

4. Most exams allow unscheduled breaks to be taken. However, the time clock may continue to run during this period.

5. Examinees are requested to keep the noise level to a minimum in and around the test center.

6. Please do not leave the test center building during the exam, specifically when on scheduled breaks.

7. No cellphone usage or conversations with other candidates are allowed during the breaks.

8. Candidates must wear masks while inside the testing center and practice other health and safety procedures as outlined by the local authorities.

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